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Day 6 and 7: Chame to Pisang

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Nov 16 2006
Mani Wall
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Nov 16 2006
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Nov 16 2006
Apple growing area
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Nov 16 2006
Trail cut into rock

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Hairy, scary drop off
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Nov 16 2006
Looking over the edge

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Wide trail but...
Let's keep to the right

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Paungda Danda rock

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Nov 16 2006
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Nov 16 2006
Lunch stop
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Nov 16 2006
Somewhere between
Bhratang and Pisang
Hotel Heaven View
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Nov 16 2006
Great View
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Nov 16 2006
Heather from Yosemite
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Nov 16 2006
Awesome rock formations

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Nov 16 2006
Looking across the river to
Upper Pisang

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Tibetan Guest House
We stayed across the street
at Hotel Maya

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Nov 16 2006

Looking back at lower Pisang after
crossing the river, Hotel Maya the big building

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Day 7:  Nov 17 2006
Mani stone
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Day 7:  Nov 17 2006
Small shrine

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Day 7:  Nov 17 2006
The High Route to Manang