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Day 22-23:  Chomrong to Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC)

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Day 22:  Dec 2 2006
Christine, heading out
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Dec 2 2006
UK trekkers, Russell and
Gavin heading up
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Dec 2 2006
Trail drops down to a rainforest
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Dec 2 2006
Check out Chomrong,
looking back - we stayed
at the top left
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Looking down valley

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Dec 2 2006
Arriving at Bamboo for lunch
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Dec 2 2006
Buddha Guest House, Bamboo
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Dec 2 2006
How long it takes
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Dec 2 2006
Bamboo rain forest
at Bamboo
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Dec 2 2006
Trail up the valley
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Dec 2 2006
Himalaya Hotel

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Dec 2 2006
We stayed at Himalaya Hotel

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Dec 2 2006

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Day 23:  Dec 3 2006
French trekkers heading down
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Day 23:  Dec 3 2006
Hinko Cave is more of
an overhang than a cave
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Dec 3 2006
Hinko cave does offer
good shelter
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Dec 3 2006
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Dec 3 2006
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Dec 3 2006
Stopped at MBC for lunch
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Dec 3 2006