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Day 9-11: Yak Kharka to Thorung La Pass

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Day 9:  Nov 19 2006
Looking back down the valley
Gangapurna in distance

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Day 9:  Nov 19 2006
trail to Letdar
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Nov 19 2006
Yaks! Just outside of Yak Kharka
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Nov 20 2006, 6:40 AM
At Letdar, Hotel Churi Lattar
Good view of Gangapurna

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Day 10: Nov 20 2006
Heading up the trail

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Nov 20 2006
Ursula and Barb
ready for some high altitude
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Nov 20 2006
Ruzan from Singapore
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Nov 20 2006
Ursula and Peter
from Switzerland
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Nov 20 2006
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Nov 20 2006
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Nov 20 2006
Arriving at Thorung Phedi
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Nov 20 2006
Hotel New Phedi
Paulette and Natalie

Nov 20 2006
Hotel New Phedi
Terry and Jered

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Day 11:  Nov 21 2006
Tea at "High Camp"

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Nov 21 2006
Looking back toward
" high camp"
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Nov 21 2006
Hit the snow line

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Nov 21 2006
Yakawakang Teahouse
5115 meters
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Nov 21 2006

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Nov 21 2006
Thorung La Pass
5416 meters
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Nov 21 2006
Taking shelter in the Teahouse