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Day 25-26:  Chomrong to Pokhara

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Day 25:  Dec 5 2006
From upper Chomrong, looking
down to Jhinu Danda
(now, we go down)
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Dec 5 2006
Our room at New Bridge
Kalpana Guest House
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Day 26:  Dec 6 2006
Looking back up the valley
from New Bridge (Himal Qu)
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Dec 6 2006
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Dec 6 2006
Looking across the river up
to Landruk (we do not go that way)

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Dec 6 2006
Syauli Bazaar
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Dec 6 2006
One of the many "Kalo Kukuls"
(black dogs)
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Dec 6 2006
Looking back from
Machhupuchre Guest House
Syauli Bazaar - had lunch here
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Dec 6 2006
Cutting lumber
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Dec 6 2006
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Dec 6 2006
Looking back. We were there!
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Dec 6 2006
Civilization - Birethanti
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Dec 6 2006
Birethanti - We hit the road

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Dec 6 2006
Group dinner in Pokhara
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Dec 6 2006
Dal Bhat

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Dec 7 2006
Barb after a shower and meal
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Dec 8 2006
We take the tourist bus to Kathmandu