Nepal Trekking Food

Typical Menu found along the Annapurna Circuit


There are many choices for food while trekking the Annapurna Region.  Find below a typical menu from a tea house along the Annapurna Circuit trails.  This particular one comes from the town of Dharapani.  Prices are very consistent from village to village but will go higher as you get up into the more remote regions (like Annapurna Base Camp).  At the tiime the exchange rate was 70 Nepali Rupees per US dollar.  Be careful, desserts and alcoholic beverages can run more than your average meal!  Click on any menu for a larger image.  The staple in Nepal is Dal Bhat.  It consists of rice, a bowl of lentil beans and usually some type of curried vegetable or "tarkari".  It is served on a stainless steel tray.  You sometimes get a crisp tortilla type chip with your meal.  This is one meal where you can get all you can eat as they will keep offering you more of any item.  On the trail, there is a two price tier when ordering.  The price for the locals (around 50 Rupees) and the price for the tourists, about 150 Rupees - Still a deal, all you can eat for 2 bucks!  There is good Dal Bhat and some not so good.  Many locals rate this quality and some will eat it with their fingers (right hand only), no need for silverware.