Nepal Movie

Above, panorama view from the Thoroung La Pass, 5416 meters,  looking back toward Manang
All images for the movie were taken with a simple digital still camera - We used movie mode for the short movie clips.
Stitched images like the one above were put together using ADG Panorama software.

Trekking the Annapurna Circuit and Sanctuary is a 38 minute movie we made of our trip.  It is a mixture of stills and short movie clips designed to play over broadband connections.  Most cable and DSL connections should be able to handle the speed (700 Kb/sec).  If you are using Windows Media Player you can increase your picture size (but a bit more blurry) by hitting Alt-3 (or right clicking on the picture, choosing "Video Size" and 200%).  You can actually get a full screen picture (but even more blurry) by hitting Alt and Enter keys together once the movie starts.  It toggles your picture size up and down.

For the movie link below, first some background:   We were originally going to trek without a guide or porter but because of the new government rules, we had to have a "TRC" and be accompanied by a qualified porter or guide.  We chose to have a guide.  His name was Macchendra and he became a good friend and made our experience much more rewarding.  On day one, Barbara experienced a sore hip from lugging her pack (old auto accident injury) so we hired a porter on the fly.  His name was Poon and he too turned out to be a fun person and we thoroughly enjoyed his company.  He carried Barb's pack and about 4 pounds from mine.   We also latched on to another American named Fred and his porter Kaila.  We traveled with them for about 2 weeks.  Fred speaks fluent Nepali so, besides his great company, we were able to communicate freely with the locals.  Other foreigners you see on the movie are travellers we met along the way.

When watching the movie, notice the change in scenery, vegetation and climate as we climb up from 2,600 ft to the Thorung La pass at almost 18,000 ft then back down. To watch the program (38 minutes) on youtube, click here,