Surfing Tandem is not easy

The first day we planned to shoot these pictures, the surf was double overhead.  Since we had never tandem surfed before, we decided to wait for more gentle surf.  Finally on Sept. 30th we found small, gentle waves and a glassy, sunny morning.

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tandem board


  This is the surfboard we used.  It wasn't  a real tandem board but was big enough at 11 feet long and 3 inches thick.  It was ugly though and didn't photograph well so we used Jack's noserider for the postcard.  Thanks to Mike at Cardiff post office for use of the board.   You can click on any of these images for a larger one.  

jack and barb


  Here we are sitting outside, waiting for the waves.  The other surfers in the area thought it amusing and they were more then gracious in letting us take any wave we wanted.  This would be a great idea for getting waves on a crowded day!  



  Paddling for a wave.  When you tandem surf, you have to paddle in unison or your arms will get tangled up.  And, of course, you have to get the board moving fast to catch the wave.  We like this shot, it looks like pelicans gliding over the wave Ha!  See a really close up here and check out Barb taking the deep breath.  She is a strong paddler!  



  Getting up.  Our plan was for Jack to get up first then Barb.  It seemed to work out best.  



  This surf spot is called "Tippers" and is located below the San Elijo campground in Cardiff, CA.  There were only about 3 other surfers out that morning.  

wave 10


  Woooo.  We actually can ride tandem on this thing!  

wave 2


  Woops.  Hang in there Barb!  

wave 4


  Wave number 2, a sequence shot, see the next picture too  

wave 5


  I think we are starting to figure this tandem surfing thing out!  

wave 6


  Ok, so we cut off the other surfer.  But he didn't mind.   

wave 7



We paddled for a bunch of waves that morning, managed to catch five and successfully surfed four of them (Jack stepped off the back of the board on one wave and Barb continued on solo). 

We were in the water about 45 minutes.  The water temp was a chilly 62 degrees but the sun was out and we had a fun time!


wave 9


  Bring on the big waves!  Maybe we should have gone out on that double overhead day?  NOT!  

the wave


  From the shots that morning, we liked this one the best and used it for the card.  Unfortunately Barb's veil was water logged and got stuck to her back.  
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