Experience the Grand Canyon from river level

Canyon view from a trail high above the river
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View from the backseat (Fishtail Rapid)
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Questions you might ask about a Grand Canyon river trip

We went on a 14 day dory trip with Grand Canyon Explorations in May of 2010.  There was much we didn't know at the start of the trip and much we learned while on the trip.  Below are some answers to the most common questions.

1.  How long does it take?  What type of craft might I travel in?  How much does it cost?  How safe are they?

2.  FAQs:  What types of trips and boats can I travel on?

3.  More FAQs:  General information:  What questions should I ask the outfitter before comitting?  What are typical cancellation policies?  Boatman compensation and tipping etc.

4.  Bringing stuff:  What personal items should I bring?  What about clothes?  Alcoholic beverages?  Cameras and electronics?  

5.  First Aid and skin care

6.  Food on the trip

7.  The Scoop on Pee and Poop

8.  Overview of a typical trip

9.  Side hikes - things to see, degrees of difficulty.

10.  Photography tips

11.  If I want to go on a private trip, what do I do?

12.  Links to related sites

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