Matterhorn Peak - View from the summit, looking West

Looking toward Yosemite N.P.

Click on the image above for an even bigger one.

Click here for a quick time movie of above image with landmarks listed

** If you have a programmable Garmin GPS, you can download our track here (Twin Lakes to Matterhorn Peak, GDB file)
requires Garmin MapSource software and if you want maps (not necessary), the US Topo National Parks, West.
Near summit, the track to right is off route (class 3).  Track to left is on route (coming down).  Note:  Downloading this file
with IE sometimes doesn't work, try Firefox instead or try downloading this file and then changing the extension from jpg to .gdb.

Topo with the route (rotated for better viewing)

Click on image above for a really big one (not rotated and 228 Kb.)


Closer view of last segment
  Even closer view.  Note:  From the "Platform", we went up on right track and came down on left track.  Right track required some 3rd class moves, left track is the 2nd class route.
View from the summit looking East.  In the foreground is the upper Twin Lake and off in the distance is Bridgeport reservoir.


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