Death Valley - Trip Outline

We spent two weeks in Death Valley.  November 17 - 30, 2005.  During that time we did the following:


Day 1:   Drive in from Encinitas, CA - 329 miles, about 6 hours

Day 2:   Canyon hike - Red Wall, used climbing gear

Day 3:   Visited Furnace Creek, Harmony Mine, Zabriski Point and Golden Canyon

Day 4:   Drove to Beatty, NV then into Titus Canyon, ( Leadfield), Later, Furnace Creek and Badwater Salt Flats.  Saw the International Space Station pass over at dusk.

Day 5:   Canyon Hike - Fall Canyon

Day 6:   Drove to Beatty, NV (shopping).  Saw Devils Golf Course, Artists Drive, Did a short canyon hike off the drive and did our laundry at Furnace Creek.

Day 7:  Visited Scotty's Castle (tour), Ubehebe Crater (hiked to the bottom and back up) and Little Ubehebe

Day 8:   Thanksgiving.  Did a tour with Ranger Bob in Mosaic Canyon, drove to Panamint Springs and hiked to Darwin Falls, ate turkey dinner at Panamint Springs.

Day 9    To work off the turkey and mashed potatoes, we climbed Telescope Peak, 14 miles R/T about 7 hours

Day 10:   In the morning visited the sand dunes near our campground and Devil's Cornfield.  Later, took the truck 4X4 on an off road trip up Trail Canyon, looking for fossils.  A wind storm came up that night and we were forced to drop the tent and sleep in the truck - fine sand everywhere!

Day 11:   Canyon hike - Grotto Canyon 4 1/2 hours, climbing gear necessary

Day 12:   Keane Wonder Mine Hike and Golden Canyon connecting to Gower Gulch Loop

Day 13:   Went up Mosaic Canyon again this time with the climbing gear, later visited Salt Creek

Day 14:   Drove home


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